Under 5,000 units sold doesn't sound like a lot, especially for a mainstream manufacturer. But if you're a supercar marque, that number is something to be proud of. Last year, McLaren sold 4,806 units last year across the globe, their best figure yet.

Most of those 4,806 McLarens wound up in North America as that market comprised over one-third of 2018 sales. Sales in Continental Europe saw a significant rise too, up by 44.2 percent. In its home market, figures rose by 49.2 percent.

McLaren sells over 4800 cars in 2018

But it was the Chinese market that really made strides last year for McLaren. Sales rose by a whopping 122.5 percent over 2017 figures. With those numbers, China now accounts for seven percent of McLaren sales worldwide. The British supercar manufacturer credits their substantial growth to the 570S Spider and 720S models.

The good news just kept coming in for McLaren. Aside from the record amount of units shifted, the marque's Woking plant rolled out its 15,000th vehicle in the middle of 2018. With more models coming in, it seems that McLaren is poised for yet another banner year in 2019.