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McLaren Senna unleashed with no-holds barred performance


The uncompromising tribute to the legend of F1, the McLaren Senna

When McLaren shys away from naming a car like your office printer, clearly this is something that needs attention. Taken after arguably the best driver to step into Formula One, it appears clear what the Senna is truly aimed at – raw, uncompromised speed. Names and stories aside, one glance at McLaren’s new creation and one can tell this isn’t your run-of-the-mill production car.

Purely dedicated to extracting the fastest lap times from any circuit, the Senna can be technically road registered but McLaren’s PR is quick to point out its lack of creature comforts – you know, for weight reduction. One look at the window and you’ll see a familiar black line that only allows a small portion of it to be opened, an obvious nod to the legendary McLaren F1 of the 90’s.


The Senna deviates from McLaren’s sleek designs with a lot of sharp edges that house various ducts for cooling and downforce. Of course, the rear section is sloped downwards and further makes the rear wing prominent. Flanking the wing at the bottom is a pair of diffusers that keep the rear planted to the ground as well.

Aero aside, the Senna is also kept planted by a hydraulic suspension system that works with the chassis to get the most effect. Dubbed the RaceActive Chassis Control II, the suspension is laid out in a double wishbone configuration at all four corners. The Senna stops using carbon ceramic brakes, while traction is provided by a bespoke set of Pirelli Trofeo Rs mounted on center-lock wheels.

Much unlike the technological wonder that is the P1, the Senna is purely powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 that sends power to the rear wheels. Rated at 800 PS with 800 Nm of torque, those squared figures are sent to to the pavement with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

With a sub-1200kg dry weight, surely these numbers can propel the Senna towards blisteringly quick straight-line stats – though none have yet to be revealed.

The McLaren Senna is limited to a production of 500 cars with a price tag of about $1 million, but if McLaren hasn’t approached you beforehand you likely won’t get your hands on it.

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