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McLaren Special Operations reveals two new one-off models


McLaren’s special division creates two bespoke 720S-es

Known for further personalizing any of McLaren’s latest offerings, the folks behind the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) have found themselves working on a pair of 720S-es commissioned by two dealers in the UK.

The bespoke 720S-es, dubbed the 720S Pacific Theme and the 720S Track Theme, are two distinct vehicles that are set apart from standard fare with unique paint schemes and interior workings.


The 720S Pacific Theme, commissioned by McLaren Glasgow, is painted in Cerulean Blue with a darker shade of Estoril Blue providing contrast on the air scoops and mirrors. Its interior has standard seats with bespoke blue inserts and contrast stitching, and a discreet blue center band on the steering wheel.

More oriented towards circuit work, the 720S Track Theme commissioned by McLaren Manchester displays its intent with an Anniversary White base matched with hand-painted detailing to the hood, doors, rear quarter panels, and airbrake. These details are painted in Carbon Black as well as McLaren’s Formula 1 color from 2017, Tarroco Orange.

The interior of the 720S Track Theme is trimmed in Jet Black Alcantara flanked by McLaren Orange contrast stitching. Of course, weight has also been factored in with the Track Theme, with all of its carbon fiber components completed in a satin finish to save weight. It also has a titanium harness bar which is typically 50 percent lighter than the regular steel version.

To finish things off, both 720S-es are adorned with a special plaque denoting their one-off nature amongst McLaren’s official lineup.

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