Last month, McLaren revealed the first prototype photos of the spritual successor of the McLaren F1. Called the BP23, it would be added to McLaren's 'Ultimate Series' line together with the already sold out P1 and P1 GTR. Now, the Woking-based manufacturer has confirmed that yet another model will be added to the range and will make its debut before the BP-23. Furthermore, McLaren says it will be the most 'most track-concentrated road car yet.'

At the moment, the latest addition to the 'Ultimate Series' line has yet to be named. However, it is believed that the track oriented road vehicle is codenamed 'P15'. McLaren has said that they will be announcing the final name and provide more details regarding the upcoming model before the year ends.

McLaren to debut 'brutal', most track-oriented road-car in 2018

As for its design, McLaren says that it will be the ultimate track car, but ensures future owners that it will still be road legal. According to the British manufacturer, daily usability has been sacrificed inorder to give it 'the most intensive driver experience' on track. Furthermore, they have also described it as 'brutal' and employs a form follows function philosophy.

With McLaren planning to turn it into their ultimate road-going track car, it is likely that engine output of the twin turbo V8 will also be increased, possibly exceeding that of the P1. The aerodynamics on the vehicle will likely be extreme in order to put the power down and keep the car planted on track.

Much like the BP-23 and other models of this caliber, it will be produced in limited numbers. Unsurprisingly, all examples of the 'P15' have already been accounted for, even before the public hears its official name or see its complete design. For now McLaren has only released a teaser image of its exhaust setup.