McLaren's new P1 supercar to debut at Paris

McLaren's new P1 supercar to debut at Paris image

/ McLaren Press | September 19, 2012 12:53

The McLaren P1 has one simple goal: to be the best driver's car in the world on road and track.

McLaren Automotive makes its first ever international motor show appearance to preview its next generation ultimate supercar - the McLaren P1 -€“ the successor to their F1 supercar. The new P1 takes much of its technological and spiritual inspiration from the company's Racing division.

The McLaren P1 will be previewed as a design study at the Paris Motor Show 2012. While a production version, which the company aims to put on sale within 12 months, will be revealed next year.


"The McLaren P1 will be the result of 50 years of racing and road car heritage," says McLaren Automotive Executive Chairman Ron Dennis. "Twenty years ago we raised the supercar performance bar with the McLaren F1 and our goal with the McLaren P1 is to redefine it once again."

Technical details about the McLaren P1 is yet to be revealed, but when it goes into production later next year, it will sit above the 12C and 12C Spider, in terms of both price and performance.