With the variety of iconic machinery converging at Lord March's driveway this year, there's no surprise we'll be seeing the cream of the crop when it comes to rare automobiles at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. For the first time ever though, a special visitor makes its way across the pond to join the prestigious gathering; One particular Highland Green 1968 Mustang Fastback.

That's right, the very same Mustang that Steve McQueen muscled around the streets of San Francisco in Bullitt will make its presence known at this year's Festival of Speed. With its recent discovery coinciding with the debut of the new 2019 Bullitt Mustang, this sought-after piece of history will now be given a chance to stretch its legs on the 2.5km driveway alongside the new Bullitt Mustang.

Steve McQueen's Original Bullitt Mustang Heads to Goodwood

The original Bullitt Mustang (Serial Chassis #559) surfaced after over 30 years of disappearing from the public when Sean Kiernan revealed the vehicle tucked away by his parents in the family garage. The vehicle was supposedly purchased for $6000 in 1974 by Sean's father Robert Kiernan, who gave the Mustang to his wife for daily use. With the Mustang revealed during the Detroit Motor Show alongside the new Bullitt Mustang, the original Bullitt Mustang has since been registered with the Historic Cars Register and has been touring the U.S. since.

This particular trip marks a special moment for Ford as this will be the Bullitt Mustang's first debut outside the U.S. Should you want to catch the Bullitt Mustang in action, it will be run Goodwood between July 12th till the 15th.