By now you've read about the new Mitsubishi Attrage, a sedan based on the Mirage hatchback, and will will be sold in the Philippines as the Mirage G4.

It's interesting how this upcoming sedan will compare against its peers, given how the car is actually sized. So, below is a table of the different sedans in the subcompact class, plus the original Mirage GLS Hatchback.


Mitsubishi Attrage/Mirage G4 (upcoming model)

Length: 4245mm / Width: 1670mm / Height: 1515mm / Wheelbase: 2550mm


Mitsubishi Mirage GLS Hatchback

Length: 3710mm / Width: 1665mm / Height: 1500mm / Wheelbase: 2450mm

Mirage Hatchback

Ford Fiesta 1.4L Trend Sedan (with side mirrors)

Length: 4291mm / Width: 1973mm / Height: 1496mm / Wheelbase: 2489mm

Ford Fiesta Sedan

Honda City 1.3S

Length: 4395mm / Width: 1695mm / Height: 1470mm / Wheelbase: 2550mm

Honda City 1.3S

Toyota Vios 1.3E (upcoming model)

Length: 4410mm / Width: 1700mm / Height: 1475mm / Wheelbase: 2550mm

Toyota Vios 1.3E

Hyundai Accent 1.4L (upgraded)

Length: 4370mm / Width: 1700mm / Height: 1450mm / Wheelbase: 2570mm

Hyundai Accent 1.4L

Nissan Almera 1.5L Base

Length: 4425mm / Width: 1695mm / Height: 1505mm / Wheelbase: 2600mm

Nissan Almera


Mitsubishi stretched the platform of the Mirage Hatchback to accommodate the trunk, making the 4-door version 535mm longer than the 5-door hatch. Also, the wheelbase has been stretched by 100mm to 2550mm, giving the Mirage G4 the same wheelbase as the City and the upcoming Vios. Interesting to note would be how the Mirage would handle given it's extra 435mm of overhang which we assume to be in the rear.

Unusually, the Mirage G4 is taller than all the cars in the subcompact sedan class at 1515mm. As expected, the Almera is the longest of all the sedans in the subcompact price range, and also has the longest wheelbase. The Vios and the Accent are both the widest (without the side mirrors factored in) in the class.

What would be interesting is how the Mirage G4 would be priced in the Philippine market. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation hasn't released any official pricing or indicators, but given that the top spec Mirage 5-door in the market costs PhP 638,000 and most of the larger subcompact sedans (with1.3 or 1.4 liter engines) are priced just over the PhP 700,000 mark, we see the Mirage G4 (with the 1.2L engine) priced somewhere in between, with the top spec variant probably in the PhP 650-670,000 range.

But that's just our guess.