There's no denying that automakers are pulling in overtime to roll out electric vehicles. BMW is one of them and they've just presented the Vision iNEXT. From its name, it is the German automaker's blueprint for their future electric vehicles from its powertrain to its looks.

Meet BMW's electric and autonomous future, the iNEXT

The BMW Vision iNEXT is a full electric crossover with some pretty striking styling details, chief among which, is its front end. It still has the signature kidney grill but it's been made much larger. The piece is massive, stretching from the edge of the hood right near the front apron. You won't see the signature corona lights here either as they have been replaced with four LEDs for its headlights. What you're looking at is the design of future EV offerings from BMW.

It's a little more conventional on the sides but there are some neat details to be found there too. The doors open coach style and the windows are frameless. Windows on the other hand are inspired by the grill with a kinked center. At the back, an upright tailgate with an integrated spoiler, along with a dramatic interpretation of the L-shaped tail lights.

Meet BMW's electric and autonomous future, the iNEXT

The concept also brings iDrive to a whole new level with a wide screen that dominates the top of the dash. It's all touch panels for the Vision iNEXT and the seats can be made either for driving or be rearranged for relaxation. On top of that, it has semi-autonomous driving capabilities and the ability to communicate with other road users.

All the features on the Vision iNEXT are still a fair way in the future. For now, there's the BMW iX3, which is a fully electric version of the X3. That's coming sooner than later and it's slated for production before the decade ends.