German auto magazine debunks V8 comeback for C63, E63

We were all excited after rumors came out that Mercedes-AMG was working on bringing back the V8 engine in the C63 and E63. Unfortunately, more tittle-tattle about this issue has surfaced, and this time it purports that word of the V8’s return is simply untrue.

According to the highly respected German automotive magazine Auto Motor und Sport, their source – “an employee familiar with production development” – confirms there is no truth to speculation that the next-generation C63 or the E63 will be using V8 engines again. There is still no indication whether it will be an inline-six or a four-banger.

Two reasons that come up, which make the return of the V8 in the C63 and E63 impractical, are emissions laws and taxes.

Merc C63 no V8 image

Europe's current emission standard is Euro 6d, which was implemented in January 2020. It maintains the same restrictions as 2014’s Euro 6b. That means it's been long in the tooth and will see an update soon. Euro 7 is being proposed for 2025 implementation. It cuts carbon monoxide emissions to 0.50, half of the current standard.

European countries differ in rates levied on big displacement engines, but as an example, Germany charges two euros (PHP 124) per 100 cm3 for petrol engines and 9.50 euros (PHP 591) per 100 cm3 for diesel engines. In Romania, motorists will pay 30 RON (PHP 378) for an engine with a displacement of 2.0L to 2.6L.

Both are legitimate reasons for Mercedes-AMG to consider before even mulling the return of the V8 in the C63 and E63. There may be other factors detrimental to the use of big engines in those two models, but these are the biggest ones.

Would you pay for a V8 in the C63 or E63, no matter the price increase from tax and emissions control penalties?