A year after it was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show albeit in concept guise, Mercedes-AMG has announced that Project One is already undergoing road tests at an undisclosed test location the U.K. Now that it has transitioned from being a concept to a road-going prototype, it's a sign that the people working on the Project One supercar is getting ready for a production-model debut.

Mercedes-AMG is road testing their Project One supercar

According to Mercedes-AMG, the team has already spent hundreds of hours testing Project One in order to make it ready for series production. Alongside the road testing, the supercar's powertrain including the hybrid components are also undergoing tests on numerous racetracks and even on the dyno.

Despite the updates on Project One, Mercedes-AMG is keeping their lips shut regarding official technical specifications of the supercar. What we do know is that it will produce over 1,000 horsepower courtesy of a 1.6-liter V6 engine sourced from the company's Formula 1 car and is paired a four electric motors. The engine alone will produce 671 horsepower while the rest of the electric motors add up to the four digit power figure. Do expect it to have a high redline as the company says the Project One is hard to keep from the public 'because of it's characteristic F1 sound'.

Mercedes-AMG is road testing their Project One supercar

Styling wise, the Project One prototype seen here appears to be identical to that of the concept shown last year. That said, the camouflage does help conceal any changes the Mercedes-AMG may have done to make it more road legal. Keen eyed readers would also have noticed the number of GoPros fitted on one of the prototypes.

Mercedes-AMG has yet to announce when the production-model Project One will officially debut. That said, all 275 being built are already sold out.