As AMG continues their celebration of their 50th anniversary, Mercedes-Benz's factory tuning house has released more details on their upcoming hypercar. Dubbed the Project One, Mercedes-AMG hails it as a hypercar with Formula 1 tech.

Powering the Project One is a turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 derived from the manufacturer's 2015 Formula 1 car. There are, however, significant differences to make the hypercar more useable on the road. For starters, it has a different camshaft, new pistons and an engine management unit tuned for road use. According to Mercedes-AMG, it idles at 4,000 rpm and revs up to 13,500 rpm. Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG, said that the engine requires a rebuild every 50,000 kilometers.

Mercedes-AMG releases details on Project One hypercar

Complementing the turbocharged engine are four electric motors, two of which will give the hypercar a pure electric mode. The first motor permanently spools the turbocharger while the second provides more assist to the crankshaft. Each motor puts out 107 PS and 161 PS respectively. The automaker adds that these technologies were lifted straight out of Formula 1.

With five motors powering the car, Mercedes-AMG says expect a power output of 'over 1,000 PS'. It then shifts via an eight-speed, single-clutch sequential manual transmission. Stopping power is provided by large ceramic brakes on all corners. Keeping the car light will be a carbon fiber tub, along with more carbon fiber to make up the structure of the structure of the Project One. Mercedes-AMG aims of a target weight of below 1,300 kilograms.

Production of the Mercedes-AMG Project One is limited to just 275 units. The automaker promises to deliver all 275 units worldwide by 2020.