Mercedes-AMG's soon-to-be unveiled supercar officially gets a new name. Yes you read that right, what was previously called 'Project One' is now simply named as 'One'.

According to Mercedes-AMG, it stands for the most high-tech automotive ambition: to bring Formula 1 hybrid technology to the open road. It will also serve as the culmination of the model portfolio as well as the flagship offering from the brand.

Mercedes-AMG renames Project One supercar simply as 'One'

But don't think that Mercedes-AMG has been resting on its laurels with the 'One'. Just last week, the company was busy conducting road tests (as well as wind tunnel tests) for the upcoming supercar. From its Formula One-derived hybrid powertrain, to the active aerodynamics, Mercedes-AMG is putting out all the stops in honing and tuning the 'One'.

While Mercedes-AMG is still quiet regarding the inner workings of the One, we do know that it will have more than 1,000 PS from its 1.6-liter turbo V6 and four electric motors. The engine itself already produces an impressive 671 PS while the four electric motors help in producing the additional horsepower to make more the four-digit output figures.

Mercedes-AMG renames Project One supercar simply as 'One'

Those interested in getting a closer look, as well as know more about the Mercedes-AMG One can check it out in an exclusive mobile showroom. Called 'The Future of Driving Performance', it showcases the latest status of the upcoming supercar. There, customers have a chance to sit inside the cockpit, along with a demonstration of the available options for the Mercedes-AMG One.

Aside from that, the mobile showroom (which is built on a custom trailer) also has a coffee bar, lounge, various media displays, and color / material samples for customers to check out. The show truck is now exclusively available for viewing for Mercedes-AMG One customers at the company's Munich Mercedes-Benz branch.

Mercedes-AMG renames Project One supercar simply as 'One'

The company has yet to state when will they officially reveal the all-new supercar. But they did mention that all 275 examples of the Mercedes-AMG One have already been spoken for.