Mercedes-AMG, celebrating their 50th anniversary, has recently announced their plans for the future. It sees the range further expanding, as well as Mercedes-AMG engineered models on the horizon.

Mercedes-AMG outlines plans

The two upcoming models designed and engineered by the automaker will be the Project One hypercar and the yet to be named four-door GT. Tentatively named the GT4, it will be based on a heavily modified E-Class platform. One it hits production, it will be aiming for the likes of the Porsche Panamera, BMW M6 Gran Coupe and the Audi RS7. Spied earlier this month, the GT4 is likely to remain faithful to the concept revealed in Geneva.

Mercedes-AMG details their future plans

Along with the GT4, Mercedes-AMG also revealed more details on the Project One hypercar. The automaker hails it as a hypercar with Formula 1 technology. It boasts an engine based on Lewis Hamilton's racer, along with four electric motors to give it an output of 'over 1000 PS'. Production is limited to just 275 units and the company promises to deliver all cars by 2020.

Mercedes-AMG outlines plans

Aside from the two new AMG-engineered and designed models, the company also announced that they will be further expanding two product lines, namely the 43 and 45 series. All 43 series models will be equipped with a tuned turbocharged six-cylinder engine plus uprated transmissions set ups and unique suspension systems exclusive to the series.

Mercedes-AMG outlines plans

The 45 series on the other hand will serve as the top-spec versions of their compact line. With all-new A-Class and CLA-Class models coming soon, these cars will also get the 45 performance treatment. Apart from the two new lines, Mercedes-AMG will continue development on the 63 V8 and 65 V12 engines.

With the expanded model line, Mercedes-AMG is hoping to break the 100,000 unit mark in their milestone year.