What does a businessman, a doctor and a young student have in common? They all have a great story to tell about the special relationship they have with their Mercedes-Benz. And because of this special bond, they have emerged as the local winners in the Mercedes-Benz & Me Photo Story Contest. Several entries exemplifying that special relationship they have with their Mercedes-Benz cars were generated during the contest's two-month run but out of this lot only three winners were selected. And last June 9,2005, CATS Motors, Inc., the Philippine general distributor of Mercedes-Benz, hosted a prize giving ceremony in honor of the three local winners of the MB & Me Photo Story Contest at the Mercedes-Benz showroom in EDSA Greenhills.

CATS president Felix R. Ang and CATS PR Director Emy Arcilla welcomed the three winners, Dr. Eliza M.B. Perez-Francisco, Mr. Alex Wongchuking and standing in for her daughter, Tiffany "Bubbles" Go, was Mrs. Belen Go. Joining them were the three local judges, Mr. Cito Beltran, Mr. Patrick Uy and Mr. Greg T. Yu, who painstakingly evaluated each entry to narrow it down to three winners.

Dr. Eliza M.B. Perez-Francisco, one of the local winners, shared her amazing story about her "birth car" – a silver automatic 1971 Mercedes-Benz 250 C coupe. According to her, her Mercedes-Benz birthplace is still in their garage at home and when she shows it off to her friends, she would jokingly say that she was "conceived" in the back seat and was born in the front seat of their Mercedes-Benz.

A young Filipina studying Mandarin in China, Tiffany "Bubbles" Go's story of is a tale of daddy's little girl remembering her late father's legacy to their family – Mrs. Pots, a 1974 Mercedes-Benz 200. Reminiscing the times she sat on the passenger seat with her dad behind the wheel of Mrs. Pots, she is reminded that Mrs. Pots is not just a car but an angel sent to them by her father to be a faithful companion in this life.

For most people, father to son keepsakes are in forms of pens or timepieces. So it is quite rare to find hand-me-down cars as in the story of Mr. Alex Wongchuking. Mr. Wongchuking Sr. handed down to him and his brother a rare collection of Mercedes-Benz classic cars namely a 1953 220A convertible, a circa 1960s 300D Adenauer Limousine and two circa 1960s 108 body 280SE saloons. Like a much-treasured keepsake watch, these cars have been and will always be a memorable heirloom because it brings fond memories of their beloved father. He hopes that someday he would share the same motoring passion to his children that their father and grandfather had.

These three stories will be the official representatives of the Philippines to the Regional Mercedes-Benz & Me Photo Story Contest. Only one winner from all finalists in the different countries in the region will be chosen. Through this campaign, truly we can say that Mercedes-Benz is more than a just a car – it is a friend… a faithful friend because nothing makes a driver more faithful to a car than a car that's faithful to its driver.