Tires that are running too hot or too cold can spell disaster for any motorist. Mercedes-Benz however has thought up of a solution that will keep the tires at optimal working temperature.

Recently, parent company Daimler applied for a patent for a water-cooling system for car tires at the Intellectual Property Office of the UK (IPO). The system is comprised of a reservoir that collects rainwater from the windshield and rear window and a series of sprayers and sensors.

When the tire sensors detect that the tires are getting too hot, the cooling system will immediately spray water on the tires to bring it back to optimum temperatures. According to Daimler, this will prevent the tires from bursting or overheating.

On the flipside, the tires can also be brought up to working temperatures during colder times of the year. Water from the tire-sprayer can be heated through the car's coolant which could prevent buildup of snow or ice on the rubber.

Aside from monitoring the tires while in motion, Daimler also stated that the sensors can also check if the tires are within optimum temperature should the car be left outside during a rainfall.

So far, no models from Mercedes-Benz or other Daimler companies have yet to use a similar tire-cooling system.

Source: IPO via AutoGuide