Electric power seems to be the buzzword of this year's Geneva Motor Show. Just about every new car and concept revealed during the show appear to have some form of electric assistance. Even vans are in on it too, and Mercedes-Benz has just released a concept.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQV could be an electric Alphard fighter image

They call it the Concept EQV and, in essence, it's an all-electric version of the V-Class. Not only that, the Concept EQV is heading straight for production later this year, making it one of the first pure-electric vans in the market today. With the way things are going, it looks like Mercedes-Benz will be making an all-electric alternative to the Toyota Alphard.

With that, the van seen during the show is close to the production version coming soon. From the outside, it looks like a fairly standard V-Class, but there are a couple of changes. Most noticeable is the grill while has a multi-slat design which aligns it to the Mercedes-Benz EQ range. The front bumper has also been resculpted, likely to aid in aerodynamic efficiency. Headlights are also slightly different with blue highlights within the cluster.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQV could be an electric Alphard fighter image

In concept form, the EQV has a seating capacity of six. The four perches at the back slide and recline manually, and gets blue highlights throughout the cabin. It even comes with a panoramic glass roof. As for the front part of the interior, it gets some elements from the A-Class with its round air-conditioning vents and dash is slightly rounder than before.

And now, the electric drive system. Mercedes-Benz says that the EQV concept packs 150 kw, which is about 204 PS. Torque isn't mentioned but it is likely to match that of a turbodiesel engine. To quell range anxiety, it is fitted with a 100 kWh battery, which gives the EQV a range of 400 kilometers, which Mercedes-Benz says is realistic to achieve. They even mentioned its top speed, which is 160 km/h.