An all-electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class is coming very soon

Mercedes-Benz has been rapidly electrifying its lineup, starting with the EQC in September 2019. Since then, a wide array of electric EQ models has been launched, from the EQA up to the EQS. But for a long time, there has been no electric G Class or EQG.

But thanks to the 2021 International Motor Show Germany (IAA), the moment you've been waiting for (or dreading) has finally arrived.

Meet the EQG Concept.

Mercedes-Benz EQG is the electric G-Wagen of the future image

The concept you see here is a near-production version of the forthcoming EQG you'll be able to buy in the future. It effectively previews what an all-electric G-Class would be like.

The EQG still looks like the current-generation G. It features boxy styling and a rugged look complete with the over fenders, round headlights, and a spare “tire cover” at the rear. The front end adopts the familiar G-Class design we've come to know but features a new closed grille. We're not sure if the illuminated side moldings, grille, and roof light will make it into production, but it does give the EQG a very futuristic appeal.

Mercedes-Benz EQG is the electric G-Wagen of the future image

As mentioned before, there's still a “tire cover” at the rear with illuminated accents to match the rest of the vehicle. However, notice that it's no longer shaped like a tire and is instead square-shaped. That's because it's now an external storage box that could be used to store the charging cables. That said, the EQG is unmistakeably still a G-Class, even at the quickest of glances.

Mercedes-Benz EQG is the electric G-Wagen of the future image

While it may be an EV, the boxy body of the EQG is underpinned by a ladder frame chassis. The front uses an independent suspension setup, while the rear adopts a solid axle. The setup allows the EQG to take on tough terrains like the standard G-Class.

Mercedes did not disclose specifics of the electric powertrain, such as horsepower and range yet. But they did say it uses four electric motors mounted close to the wheels. The automaker adds that each motor can operate independently, giving it “unique driving characteristics”. There's even a 2-speed gearbox with crawler gears to help improve off-road capabilities.

Mercedes-Benz EQG is the electric G-Wagen of the future image

At the moment, the EQG is still a concept currently in near-production. That means there could still be some changes before the production model officially debuts. When will the production EQG debut? There are no announcements yet, but based on what the concept offers, it seems the all-electric G could live up to the reputation that the combustion engine G-Class that came before.

But the important question is this: what do the fans of the G Wagen think of the EQG?