The Mercedes-AMG GT 73 is a hypercar disguised as a 4-door

Along with the launch of their 2021 F1 car, Mercedes-AMG also confirmed that something quite special could be headed to showrooms soon.

Mercedes-Benz is preparing a four-door hypercar image

The vehicle in question is called the Mercedes-AMG GT 73. The GT 73 will effectively become the new range-topper of the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door coupe line. What makes it interesting is when you look at the photos, the GT 73 has an “E-Performance” badge. That tells us the GT 73 will likely have hybrid technology integrated into its powertrain.

Mercedes-Benz is preparing a four-door hypercar image

In the official press photos, the GT 73 was positioned next to the W12 F1 car and the One Hypercar. Both are projects of Mercedes-Benz and its AMG racing performance division, so that means the GT 73 will feature performance goodies developed under the discipline of motor racing.

While the vehicle has been confirmed, no other details were mentioned by Mercedes-AMG. But based on looks alone, it resembles the GT concept shown to the world back in 2017. The GT concept had an engine rated at 815PS. If the GT 73 inherits that, suffice it to say it’ll be one rocketship of a 4-door coupe.

Mercedes-Benz is preparing a four-door hypercar image

Likely though, the GT 73 could feature a 4.0-liter V8 gasoline engine aided by hybrid technology, hence the E-Performance badge.

Another interesting insight is, Mercedes-AMG decided to use a 4-door coupe instead of one of their performance cars like 2-door GT or GTR. Whatever the reason may be for that, the GT 73 would likely appeal to more enthusiasts given that it still features an internal combustion engine as opposed to going pure electric like most of its would-be competitors.