It has been a few weeks since the Mercedes-Benz Museum was officially re-opened to the public, allowing visitors to take a look at the exhibits in real life albeit on limited scheduling. Unfortunately, not everyone can, or want to, take a trip to Germany at the moment given the strict travel restrictions, so we'll have to contend with viewing the museum displays from the safety of their homes via virtual tours.

Now, if you have gotten bored of the standard Mercedes virtual tour, why not take a shorter tour of the museum from a whole different perspective. The German marque recently released a new video showing the exhibits of the museum from the perspective of a drone. It is not as detailed or immersive as the virtual tour, but it surely is a completely different experience.

For those wondering, yes Mercedes-Benz actually flew a drone inside their own museum. In fact, the drone operator even did a couple of tricks by flying through the windows of a vintage Mercedes and through the open doors of a 300 SL Gullwing. At one point in the video, the drone even went inside an old Mercedes bus. Props to the skilled drone pilot for not hitting anything in the museum.

Apart from getting a different view of the exhibits and the vast display of cars, viewers can also appreciate the architecture and interior design of the museum itself — from the spiral staircases to the unique light fixtures. These are things you normally won’t notice in the virtual tour.

The drone perspective video of the Mercedes-Benz Museum is quite short. In fact, it is only four minutes long. But, it’s long enough to preview what the more detailed Virtual Tour has to offer.