It looks like manufacturers like looking to the past these days and Mercedes-Benz is no exception. For their upcoming concept, they are going to the 1930's for inspiration and infuse its design with futuristic cues.

Dubbed the Aesthetics Progressive Luxury concept, it is set to make its debut at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance, which is just around the corner. From its low-slung stance to its boat-tail design, it is reminiscent of the classic streamliners which roared around the Avus ring nearly 80 years ago.

Based on the sculpture and sketch Mercedes-Benz revealed, we can expect it to have a low-slung front with wheels that are taller that the nose cone. We don't know yet if it will have wheel covers, but given that their old record chasers employed that look, it is possible that we'll see the same treatment here.

Mercedes-Benz looks to the past for upcoming concept

There are echoes of the W125 Rekordwagen on its sides too. There's inspiration from an airplane canopy for the driver's area, giving the impression that it will be a single seater. A tall vertical fin on the other hand is similar to that of old Formula 1 racers. As for the rear, there's the aforementioned boat tail, just like the W125 Rekordwagen.

As for performance, Mercedes-Benz hasn't mentioned anything about it just yet. However, there is a clue to its powertrain as the German automaker used the hashtags '#SwitchToEQ' and '#eqsilverarrow'. That means we're likely to see it powered by a hybrid system and, possibly, something similar to Formula 1's Energy Recovery Systems. With all that, it's possible that the yet to be named concept car is a retro-futuristic take on streamliners, aided by modern technology.