One of the things we miss the most is the car meet. Prior to the pandemic, a big group of car guys could easily hang out by simply meeting up at a parking lot or restaurant. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case today… well, not yet at least. It might be a while before we see car meets return in the Philippines.

But in Germany, however, Mercedes-Benz begs to differ as the automaker just confirmed that they will be hosting a Cars & Coffee at the reopened Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

Mercedes-Benz's Cars & Coffee meet is similar to other Cars & Coffee events around the world. Car enthusiasts from all across the country come together to hang, talk about their cars, munch on food, and well, drink coffee.

Mercedes-Benz Museum is hosting Cars & Coffee meets again image

The automaker said they held their first meet yesterday, June 14. This isn’t a one-time meet either as Mercedes says the casual event will continue to run every weekend until September 13 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Even though the German marque is hosting the Cars & Coffee event, it is not exclusive to Mercedes-Benz owners. Anyone driving a classic or well-preserved vehicle that is at least 20 years old is eligible to participate. Visitors without a classic car are also welcome to join the casual meet. The organizers say that the purpose of the event is to "drive up in a classic car, meet like-minded individuals and talk shop about the cars on display".

Mercedes-Benz Museum is hosting Cars & Coffee meets again image

Here's the question though: given the pandemic, is it wise to host or attend such events? The answer is really up to you, but unlike the previous Cars & Coffee events held by the Mercedes-Benz Museum, this new series is different as the company is limiting the number of people and visitors. For starters, the number of parking slots have been limited, and visitors are instructed to observe proper hygiene and distancing. This will help the organizers implement the current pandemic-related regulations in place over Germany.

If you happen to be living in Germany and miss the car meets, try to drop by the Cars & Coffee event at the Mercedes-Benz Museum every Sunday... just observe the stricter regulations. For most of us in the Philippines, it will likely be a while before meets similar to Cars & Coffee make a return locally as Metro Manila is still under various degrees of quarantine.