Don't expect to see China-exclusive Mercedes models in PH

If you noticed the trend, automakers in the Philippines have begun sourcing some models from China instead of Europe, the US, or the ASEAN region. It’s not surprising, though. Taking advantage of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA) allows companies to reduce costs and have better profit margins. They are running a business, after all.

Mercedes-Benz PH will never get models from China image

But if there’s one manufacturer that will not source vehicles from China, it’s Mercedes-Benz Philippines. Speaking with Auto Nation Group’s (ANG) Senior Product Manager Benjamin Bautista, we learned that Mercedes-Benz isn’t allowed to export models made in China to other countries. Yes, that includes the Philippines. It’s similar to BMW and Audi (both of which are not sourced from China).

With that, you can be sure the Mercedes-Benz models you purchase from dealerships will come from one of their other factories around the world. It also rules out the possibility of us getting the China-exclusive long-wheelbase variants. And yes, for those wondering, not all Mercedes models are built in Germany. Some of their most popular models are not even made in Europe.

Mercedes-Benz PH will never get models from China image

Take Mercedes-Benz’s crossover lineup for example. The GLE, GLE Coupe, and the GLS. These models are not made in Germany but are built at the company’s plant in Alabama, USA. It’s the same with the V-Class. The luxury van is built in Spain together with the Vito and Viano models. Heck, even the G-Class isn’t made in Germany; the most rugged Mercedes-Benz is assembled in Austria by Magna Steyr. Yes, the same factory that builds the BMW Z4 and GR Supra, among others.

With that, there's no need to worry about China-built Mercedes-Benz models in the country. You can be certain it'll come either straight from Stuttgart, Germany, or one of their other facilities in the US and Europe. The same as where other markets get their Mercedes models.