CATS Motors, Inc. ends the year “big” with the launch of another side of its business: the Mercedes-Benz premium-class trucks.

Guests from different sectors, such as petroleum, construction and mining, which demand reliable and economical haulers, witnessed the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz trucks featuring the new Mercedes-Benz Actros at the newly-renovated Mercedes-Benz facility in Greenhills.

Actros dashboard

With a rich truck-building history that stretches back more than a century ago and extensive research and development over the years after, Mercedes-Benz has achieved exemplary ergonomics, numerous comfort and safety innovations as standard in all Mercedes-Benz trucks like the Actros 3.

Mercedes-Benz execs

The launch of the Actros 3 represents a significant investment and commitment by CATS Motors to serve the needs of not just the private, luxury consumer, but the business sector as well.

“Built in our truck plant in Wörth, Germany, the largest truck plant in the world, we have 15 years of experience with this model where it has been tested to the extremes,” said Mr. Richard Hall, General Manager of Trucks and Commercial Vehicles for Daimler South East Asia. “Here in the Philippines, we have already invested in new facilities, training, parts and all the other issues that we know are a concern for fleet operators.”

“Introducing the “Mercedes of the truck world” is a feat to take,” said Mr. Servando Delos Angeles, VP for Commercial Vehicles and After-Sales at CATS Motors. “We have to be at par with the products we take to heart. Thus, the CATS Group is investing on a dedicated facility and will continue investing on the organization and necessary equipment to keep these trucks on the road.”