Safety knows no boundaries and Mercedes-Benz has certainly taken this to heart in this newest addition to their Pre-Safe system that the automaker has been using for more than 10 years.

Mercedes-Benz uses a human’s natural reflex to prepare ‘occupants’ ears for the loud noise normally associated with an accident.’

PRE-SAFE® Sound takes advantage of the impulse reaction of a muscle in our ears known as the stapedius. This muscle involuntarily reacts to loud noises by immediately contracting and in effect changing the link between the eardrum and the inner ear in order to protect against high sound pressures.

Taking advantage of this ‘biomechanical ear protection’, Mercedes-Benz’s PRE-SAFE® Sound emits a short interference signal using the vehicle’s sound system if a collision is detected via on-board cameras and sensors.

This signal, coming out at around 85 decibels, triggers the acoustic reflex and forces the stapedius to contract preparing the ears for the noise and decreases the risk of ear damage during a vehicular accident.

PRE-SAFE® Sound will be available in the 2017 E-Class.