Mercedes-Benz took its Digital DriveStyla App to a whole new level by partnering with Google as it is set to present the App’s new features at the annual Google I/O conference which is set to happen today.

Mercedes-Benz will be demonstrating its Drive Kit Plus in one of its SL models. The kit works in conjunction with a smartphone and a specific app for the phone to be able to communicate with the car’s infotainment system.

Once connection is established, the Digital DriveStyle App will organize the smartphone’s content and functions under the Social, Media and Places heading that is displayed on the car’s centrally located display.

Google Street View

The new features of the Digital DriveStyle App make use of several Google Places services that includes faster location searches that is based to your location or destination. Live traffic conditions are also integrated on board via Google’s traffic service which overlays color-coded real-time traffic condition on a Google Map.

Landmarks, parks, and store fronts can also be previewed via Google’s 360-degree Street View and Google+ Local photos. One more feature is the Radar View where the Radar Search and Heatmaps that guides you to places with high concentrations of people like restaurants, shopping centers, and night clubs.


All of these are expected to be integrated into the Digital DriveStyle App by the first half of the year and can be accessed and controlled via the COMAND controller or the voice-based intelligent personal assistant.