Mercedes-Benz will continue to broaden their sedan lineup it seems. The company recently revealed the Aesthestics A concept, a stylish and sleek design study that, more or less, previews the upcoming A-Class sedan.

Bearing the brand's new 'Sensual Purity' design language, the concept car features a striking resemblance with the four-door CLA. It differs, however, with the extensive use of round shapes, free-flowing lines and more sculpted front, and rear design.

Mercedes-Benz previews A-Class sedan in Aesthetics A concept

The automaker added that the defined proportions of the car was made possible through the distinct red color. With light and shade also in play, it allowed Mercedes-Benz to design a very expressive four-door. According to design head Gorden Wagener, the new concept is the embodiment of advanced tech while focusing on the basic essentials of a compact sedan.

“Form and body are what remain when creases and lines are reduced to the extreme. We have the courage to apply this purism. In combination with perfect proportions and sensual surface design, the upcoming generation of the compact class has the potential to herald a new design era,” said Wagener.

The rear quarter of the Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics A concept

The use of a 3-box design was also necessary as global markets still preferred sedans compared to hatchbacks according to Wagener.

“Aesthetics A has a 3-box design, marking a departure in the direction of new markets for the compact class. Outside of Germany and Europe, classic saloons are still much in demand in this segment,” added Wagener.

We already got a glimpse of what the A-Class sedan may look like thanks to our insiders who were able to take photos of the next-gen A-Class hatch in prototype form. Even with the heavy camouflage , the new A-Class does get a revised front end, along with what looks like a sleeker roofline.

The prototype Mercedes-Benz A-Class out testing

Platform-wise, it will apparently be using an improved version of the current MFA platform that will bear the name MFA2. The improved chassis will reportedly be lighter and can house several powertrain options. In addition, it will also underpin the next-gen B- and CLA-Class.

The A-Class sedan may arrive by the end of 2018.