Mercedes-Benz revealed their Future Truck 2025 concept with a demonstration of the truck’s technology with the presence of media representatives and government officials.

The Future Truck 2025 concept features a Highway Pilot assistance system and it can drive by itself up to speeds of 85 km/h. With Mercedes-Benz’s vast technology in truck driving assists like proximity cruise control, automatic braking and lane keep assist, it can handle its own on the highway.

The truck also features a new system called the “Predictive Powertrain Control” that gathers information about road topography and quality. The automaker says that the information gathered adjust how much power the drivetrain needs for maximizing fuel economy.

This was shown when Daimler Trucks demonstrated it on a portion of the A14 in Autobahn near Magdeburg, Germany in a realistic environment.

Mercedes-Benz says that further improvements to the concept truck’s features such as driving assists, acceleration and braking system

Mercedes-Benz says that the concept truck can drive itself without the need of human intervention once they have further improved the truck’s driving assist feature as well as the acceleration and braking system.

Moreover, trucks will also be able to communicate with each other and can travel in groups.

Despite the advances in technology, Mercedes-Benz said that autonomous driving will only be a reality if lawmakers set a proper legislative framework for self-driving vehicles. If a law is made soon the autonomous trucks may start running down the highways in the middle of the decade.