Mercedes-Benz has recently added a new addition to their lineup of armor protected luxury vehicles: the 2014 Mercedes-Benz 600 Guard.

From the exterior, it still looks the same as any S-class, from the front LED headlamps, up to the rear LED light cluster. The similarity in appearance makes the car unrecognizable as an armored model, making it discrete.

Rear end of the S600 Guard

Mercedes guarantees that there are “no weak spots” with the new S600 Guard. Protection is achieved by placing special steel components into cavities between the framework of the body and the outer surface of the vehicle. Aramide, a special fireproof synthetic fiber, is also used to provide protection from fragments in case a bomb is used on the vehicle.

The glass used in the S600 Guard is coated in polycarbonate from the inside to ensure safety from bullets or shrapnel that may hit it, and still provide good visual due to its laminated construction. The entire undercarriage of the car is shielded with armor that makes it bomb resistant, a unique addition in the civilian protection segment according to Mercedes-Benz. The overall structure of the body shell garners it a VR9 classification; the highest rating in ballistic protection.

Door width of the S600 Guard

The interior amenities available for the S600 Guard will be the same ones found in the standard model. Some of the features that will be included are:  Exclusive seats for the front or rear passenger, the Chauffeur package, Rear Seat Comfort Package, and the Air-Balance Package.

Interior of the S600 Guard

Powering the S600 Guard will be the carried-over 6-liter V12 twin-turbo engine that is also used on the standard S600. The engine produces 530 PS with 830 Nm of torque and is mated to the 7G-Tronic automatic gearbox. Top speed of the car is electronically limited to 210 km/h due to the added weight.

The car sits on the German brand’s “Airmatic” air suspension that is equipped with variable damper control and fortified suspension segments that work together with safety controls like the ESP and the ASR to help with the increased weight. The brakes of the car also upgraded to cope with the increased weight of the vehicle. Six-piston brake calipers are fitted on the front while larger disc brakes are equipped on both the rear and front of the car. Michelin PAX run-flat tires are standard on the S600 Guard and can run damaged for up to 30km.

Special equipment that is standard for the S600 Guard are a panic alarm system, opaque roller blinds, emergency fresh air system, hydraulic side windows, gimbal rear LED reading lamps, special rear cooling compartment and heated windscreen & side windows.

According to Grace Enriquez of CATS Motors, the officlal Mercedes-Benz distributor in the Philippines, there is no word yet as to whether the model will be brought in as a standard variant. However, as with most top spec models in the M-B line up, customers can make indent orders for special Mercedes units, including the S600 Guard.