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Mercedes-Benz reveals SL63 AMG World Championship 2014 collector's edition


To celebrate their dominant 2014 F1 season

After a dominating performance in the recently concluded Formula 1 season, Mercedes-Benz has revealed the SL63 AMG World Championship 2014 collector's edition to celebrate their victory.

Mercedes-Benz F1 team drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg had dominated the 2014 Formula 1 championship by finishing first and second respectively. Throughout the season, the two Mercedes-Benz F1 driver have been battling it out on the race track and even emerged as rivals. In the end, Hamilton managed to hold his ground and became the world champion.

Mercedes-Benz celebrates their triumph by introducing the SL63 AMG World Championship 2014 collector's edition. The vehicle was revealed during the Stars & Cars event in Stuttgart. The German automaker says production will be limited to only 19 units and both Hamilton and Rosberg provided assistance in the development of the said vehicle.


The collector's edition comes in black with gold accent or white with silver accent. From the looks of it, Hamilton took charge in designing the black SL63 AMG collector's edition due to the gold accent seen on the vehicle.

It features the Silverstone Grand Prix track on the floor mats, key fob and dashboard. On the other hand, the white SL63 AMG collector's edition features the Hockenheim layout.

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