Mercedes-Benz is getting set for a special reveal at the 2014 Geneva motor show in March with this: the S Class Coupe.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe combines the classic proportions of the car company’s large, sporty coupe with state-of-the art technology.

The design concept of the S-Class Coupe was all about clean contours and smooth surfaces. The front end is designed with a rectangular chrome-plated grill that houses the Mercedes-Benz’s three-pointed star. It has LED headlights that are subsequently equip with daytime running lamps. As a testament to their commitment in luxury and elegance, Mercedes-Benz designed the S-Class Coupe’s LED headlights with Swarovski crystals. The side of the car has frameless doors and a chrome frame that surrounds the glass area. The rear end of the car is also equipped with LED lamps.

Headlamps infused with Swarovski crystals

The rear of the S-Class Coupe is equipped with LED lamps

The interior of the S-Class Coupe is designed with a dashboard that extends to the doors. All lids and armrests are covered in leather. A touchpad can be found in front of the armrest that allows all the head-unit functions to be operated using finger gestures. The seats are designed with Nappa leather that has diamond back stitching pattern on backrests and seating surfaces.

The interior of the S-Class Coupe

The S-Class Coupe features an optional head-up display that informs the driver about vehicle speed, speed limits, navigation instructions and driving assistance system messages. The optional head-up display is viewed from the driver’s field of vision. Another feature of the S-Class Coupe is the Magic Body Control where the suspensions create a curve titling function that enables the car to lean into bends similar to a motorcycle.

Overall, the S-Class Coupe has a length of 5,027 mm, a width of 1,899 mm, and a height of 1,411 mm with a wheelbase of 2,945 mm. It is equipped with a 4663 cc V8 engine that can generate up to 461 PS with 700 Nm.