We now live in an age where all automakers must make at least one crossover in their lineup. Even ultra-luxury brands aren't immune to this. Just take a look at Rolls-Royce, with their Cullinan, and Bentley, the Bentayga. Now, even Mercedes-Benz's Maybach division wants a piece of the action.

By next week, Mercedes-Maybach will pull the covers off their first crossover. Based on the full-sized GLS, think of it as an even more luxurious version of an S-Class on stilts. But even though it's set to be up against the upper-crust Britons (the Rolls-Royce and Bentley), the Mercedes-Maybach GLS is expected to undercut the both of them.

So, what will it look like? Well, nobody knows yet as Mercedes-Maybach did a good job hiding the luxury crossover from prying eyes. However, we're expecting a vertical grill, a Maybach signature, along with heaps more chrome on the outside, optional two-tone paint scheme, and a special set of alloy wheels that could be similar in design as the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

Of course, we won't be surprised if it will come with an opulent interior with acres of wood and leather. We still don't know if it will have an extended wheelbase version, but don't count that option out. But either way, the GLS is already a large vehicle to begin with, so space shouldn't be a problem. However, it has been reported that it won't have three rows of seats. It's likely that it will only be a five seater at most, although a four-seater option is possible.

As for the engine, Mercedes-Maybach has yet to confirm anything although V8 power will more than likely be available. What isn't known yet is if it will come with a V12 option, which should be interesting.

Given that the Mercedes-Maybach S560 has been available here for quite some time already, we're not counting out the possibility of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS being sold here too. After all, there's always someone willing to shell out bucketloads of cash for ultra-luxury crossovers.