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Mercedes-Benz to offer V Class next year, report says


New rear-wheel drive minivan to take on Odyssey, T&C

According to Automotive News, Mercedes-Benz will begin offering a next generation MPV in Europe by Q2 next year, and will be subsequently marketed in the U.S. by 2015 in the minivan class.

The upcoming minivan/MPV will be called the V Class and will have rear wheel drive. If launched, the V Class will be the direct competitor of Mercedes-Benz against the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Siena, Chrysler Town & Country and the like.

Along with the V Class, AutoNews reports that a new Vito is also in the works and will share the RWD architecture with AWD as an option. The Vito will be the commercial van counterpart to the more family oriented V Class.


Mercedes-Benz has released very limited images of the upcoming V Class apart from a few interior renders.

The R Class was marketed by Mercedes-Benz in the minivan category. It was initially offered in 2006, but dwindling sales led to M-B cutting the product from their U.S. line up in 2012.

In the Philippines Mercedes-Benz had offered the European-market Viano as well as the U.S. market R Class minivan; both vehicles saw limited sales.

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