Mercedes-Benz is charging ahead with their electrification plans. Aside from the EQC crossover, they have added the yet another electric-powered van to their lineup, the eVito. The German automaker is one of the first to put pure electric vans into series production and aims to make the idea of EV vans more mainstream.

The eVito follows the eSprinter and EQV to become the third EV van in the Mercedes-Benz range. Two versions of the eVito will be available in two body styles, namely the utilitarian Panel Van and the passenger-oriented Tourer.

Mercedes-Benz vans plug into the future with eVito image

Both Panel Van and Tourer are powered by a 150 kw electric motor that powers the front wheels. That translates to 204 PS and the torque is rated at 362 Nm. The electric motor then draws its power from a 90 kWh battery. The company opted to make the eVito vans front wheel drive in order to maximize the use of its flat floor which increases passenger or cargo space.

On to the subject of range and Mercedes-Benz claims that the eVito can do up to 421 kilometers on a single full charge. They also say that it can be recharged to 80 percent from flat in under 45 minutes. For those curious about performance, the standard version reach 140 km/h, which a special package can also allow it to do 160 km/h.

Mercedes-Benz vans plug into the future with eVito image

When it comes to the exterior, there are few distinguishing marks that identify it as an electric vehicle. There's a plug-in socket in front, located below the left headlight plus eVito badging. Essentially, these are simpler-looking versions of the EQV van inside and out.

The eVito Panel Van will be released first with the Tourer following a few months after.