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Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow pays tribute to glamorous 1930's


Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow blends 1930's glam with electric power

The thirties may have been riddled with economic and political instability, but the decade also saw some of the most glamorous and fastest automobiles. One of them was the Mercedes-Benz W125 Rekordwagen, a sleek streamliner which one of the first cars to break the 400 km/h mark.

Fast forward 80 years later and Mercedes-Benz has made a modern interpretation of the record-setter, blending cues from the 1930's with today's electric tech. Dubbed the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow, it's the Rekordwagen reimagined for the 21st century and beyond.


The Rekordwagen from the 1930s had a supercharged, 5.6-liter V12 which was good for 725 PS, a mighty figure even to this day and more so 80 years ago. The Vision EQ Silver Arrow concept ditches internal combustion for pure electric drive but it's quite the powerhouse nonetheless. From its powerful and slim batteries, the all-electric modern streamliner concept packs 750 PS, 25 more than the Rekordwagen.

While it doesn't sound like a significant power bump, do keep in mind that the all-electric powertrain delivers instantaneous torque from a standstill. While Mercedes-Benz isn't claiming they will be breaking records with the new concept, it will be a quick car nonetheless, if they bring it into production, that is.

As for its design, it takes cues from the 1930's streamliner with its low-slung appearance. Its nose is close to the ground and the wheels are covered only halfway through. The sides are slim from the top and widens towards the bottom for its ground effects. Staying true to the 1930's original, it's strictly a single-seater with a small visor serving as its windshield.

There's a flying buttress at the back, accompanied by a tall vertical fin on the other hand is similar to that of old Formula 1 racers. The rear-end treatment is that of a boat tail, just like the W125 Rekordwagen. It then rides on slick tires measuring in at 255/25 R 24 at the front and 305/25 R 26 at the rear. The wheels themselves are a highlight. Finished in rose gold, it's made of lightweight aluminum and has 168 spokes per wheel.

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