Airbags have become a vital part of a vehicle's overall safety assessment. Over the years, they have been proven to save lives and reducing injuries. It started out with a single driver's airbag, and eventually, the passenger got one as well.

These days, we have side airbags, curtain airbags, and even knee airbags. But have you wondered why there are no one has made airbags specifically for rear occupants? It seems that Mercedes-Benz has wondered about that too, so they decided to give it a shot and made a case study for it.

Their concept for rear passenger airbags is nothing like side or curtain airbags. The design study places these on the backrests of the front seats. In effect, it's like putting the front airbags at the back, aimed to protect the head, face, and neck in an event of a frontal impact. According to Mercedes-Benz, their testing saw injuries reduced by up to 30 percent.

However, they do admit there are some complexities in putting airbags at the back. Their main concern is the mounting point of the rear seat airbag. Unlike the steering wheel, dashboard, or pillars, the front seats constantly adjust whereas the aforementioned areas are fixed. The deployment of the airbag could vary depending on the seat's position, and the recliner.

Mercedes-Benz says that rear airbag development still has a long way to go given these set of challenges, but they are saying that they will continue looking further into it.