It looks like Daimler has had it with the slow-selling Mercedes-Benz X-Class. Back in July 2019, the company was reportedly considering to kill off the Nissan Navara-based pick-up truck due to its poor sales performance.

Now, the company has announced that production of the X-Class will stop in late May of 2020. According to a report by German publication Auto Motor und Sport, Mercedes-Benz has deemed the X-Class as a niche product that is only important in two markets: Australia and South Africa. With the company regularly checking its portfolio in order to see which products should stay or should go, the company has decided to drop the X-Class, despite being only in production for over a little two years.

However, the company did say that sales of the remaining X-Class units will continue, including those that will be built before production stops altogether. Moreover, service, warranty, and after-sales will still be recognized by the dealerships for the X-Class.

Auf Widersehen: Mercedes-Benz X-Class production stops this May image

Could the X-Class have sold more units if the automaker made it available in the US, as well as in other markets in Asia like the Philippines and Thailand? With a combined sales figure of only 15,300 units sold in 2019 worldwide, the X-Class was not exactly a mass-seller for the company.

Combined with its steep starting price of around $42,800 (about PhP 2.178 million), and competition from other pick-ups like the Volkswagen Amarok and its other twin the Renault Alaskan, the X-Class was faced with a lot of hurdles.

With production set to cease in about 4 months, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class will not be long for this world. All we can say for now is “Auf Wiedersehen X-Class”.