Persons with disabilities (PWDs), especially those who are handicapped and wheelchair-bound, often find it difficult getting in and out of vehicles. To make access to vehicles much more easier for PWDs, specifically wheelchair users, Mercedes-Benz has built a special V-Class with that comes with a access ramp fitted with a lift and a transfer seat.

Thanks to the ramp and 'cassette lift F6', entrance into the V-Class for wheelchair users are now much easier. The ramp and lift unit is fitted beneath the V-Class' rear sliding door. It can then be extended at the touch of a button and then lowered to ground level. Another button then lifts the ramp up, allowing the wheelchair to simply be rolled into the van's cabin. Mercedes says that the ramp and lift is heavy duty and has a hoisting capacity of 300kg.

Mercedes builds a very PWD-friendly V-Class van

After using the lift, the users find themselves at the back of the vehicle. If you happen to be chauffered around, then this is no problem. However, it is a problem if you have to drive the vehicle yourself. That said, this is where the 'slider' transfer seat comes to play. The V-Class' driver seat is mounted on a special base frame with a rail system that can be moved back up to 42cm, and helps individuals to simply slide into the seat.

Combined, the two systems help PWDs ingress and egress the V-Class without much hindrance and difficulty. That said, the PWD-friendly V-Class is not a concept or a one-off model. Mercedes will be offering the two systems soon for both the V-Class and the Vito. They will then be installed at the Mercedes-Benz Car Modification Center in Sindelfingen.