The first time the Maybach name ever graced an SUV was when Daimler revealed the limited-run G650 Landaulet last year. Soon however, Mercedes' uber luxury brand could find its name on another SUV, albeit as a concept vehicle.

At the upcoming Beijing Motor Show, Daimler is set to debut the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept SUV. Together with the announcement of its debut, the three-pointed star brand also released teaser photos and slight details regarding the high-riding concept. Essentially, the idea behind the concept is that Mercedes will try to incorporate the luxurious interior of a premium saloon into an SUV.

Mercedes-Maybach concept combines luxury and SUV ruggedness

Going over the photos we see that occupants of the Ultimate Luxury concept will be spoiled with amenities and features. In front, there is a minimalist dashboard void of excessive buttons. A large digital display sits in front of the driver which extends up to the center of the dash. The center console then runs the length of the cabin, while a tea set comes as standard for the occupants at the rear.

Apart from the photos and it being an SUV, additonal information about the Maybach-branded concept SUV have yet to be revealed. Expect full details to be released once the concept debuts in China. That said, it is still uncertain whether this concept is will remain a design study only or be turned into a full production model.

According to Motor1, this concept could preview the next-generation Mercedes GLS which will be offered with a more expensive Maybach version. As nothing is certain yet, we will just have to wait until the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury debuts at Beijing.