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Mercedes-Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury blends opulence and ruggedness


Mercedes-Maybach blends sedan aesthetics with SUV brawn in Vision Ultimate Luxury

The build-up has reached its peak and the Vision Ultimate Luxury from Mercedes-Maybach is finally ready for the public eye. After leaked photos of the unique concept spread recently, Mercedes-Maybach has officially revealed the luxury SUV-sedan hybrid at this year's Beijing Interational Automotive Exhibition.

The newest concept from Maybach may get a good mix of reactions and reception. While it bears the familiar three-pointed star, the design albeit unique, is not necessarily unattractive, but is striking nontheless. Quickest to notice is the gaping grill. Clad in chrome, it gives the Vision a commanding presence when seen upfront. Lending a sportier, more aggressive profile are the wide fenders and large intake that sit low on the bumper.


Now comes the oddity, and the “novelty” of the Vision: its rear end. When seen from the side, the Vision has the makings of a notchback, as if it’s a sedan, but on stilts. As if this feature from its side lines is not unexpected enough, Maybach decided to split the moonroof and the backglass into two, with chrome trim drawing attention to this detail. 

As for the interior, it lives up to the notion of a Mercedes-Maybach being enjoyed from the rear passenger seats. Fully-adjustable seats in Nappa Leather come in white with diamond stitching. Wood and rose-gold colored trim adorns the cabin, while passengers have a 12-inch infotainment display to while the time inside the Vision.

Aesthetics aside, the Vision Ultimate Luxury has an electric, all-wheel-drive powertrain. Churning out 738 PS from its four electric motors, it boasts of an estimated range of 322 kilometers on a full charge. Range anxiety will not be an issue either because a 97-kilometer range can be recouped in only five minutes by way of a fast-charging system.

Given that it doesn’t look conventional as one would expect, the Vision Ultimate Luxury may have created a level and niche of its own. Add the fact that Mercedes-Maybach has always stood for exclusivity and luxury, we might actually see more than a few on the streets soon.

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