Over the course of 2017, Mercedes-Benz has been consistently dropping teasers of the all-new A-Class. However, the German automaker has yet to set a reveal date; that is until now. Together with the announcement of the vehicle's launch, Mercedes has also dropped yet another set of teaser images ahead of its debut on February 2.  

Mercedes-Benz A Class teaser new

Unlike previous teaser images, the new set of photos reveal more of what the A-Class will look like. Specifically, the new photo set shows its front fascia more clearly now. From the looks of it, the A-Class front end will be a lot sharper than previous. Furthermore, it somewhat resembles that of the latest CLS with the L-shaped daytime running light and headlight shape. Apart from the lower lip spoiler and thin slats beside the logo, most of the A-Class' front design is still hidden.  

Mercedes-Benz A Class teaser new

At the rear, Mercedes-Benz shows the new LED taillights together with parts of the hatch. Instead of square taillights, the 2018 A-Class now adopt smaller and sleeker 2-piece taillights. Again, it appears to be styled similarly to that of the CLS.

Step inside, and the interior of the A-Class is no longer a mystery. Mercedes has already provided plenty of teaser photos detailing the vehicle's cabin. The interior has been given a large makeover compared to the outgoing model in order to free up more space for passengers and luggage.  

The 2018 A-Class will ride on an evolution of Mercedes-Benz's MFA platform. Expect a wide array of diesel and gasoline engines to be made available during launch. Meanwhile, a more powerful AMG variant could debut in the future once the A-Class has made its public debut.