If you've always wanted a shot at racing against David Coulthard, well, Mercedes-Benz and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. are about to make that a reality.

Challenge David Coulthard

At 3:20 pm (BST) on September 5, David Coulthard will be taking the wheel of a real Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on a racetrack to set a lap time. GT5 fans will then simultaneously take to the wheels of Gran Turismo 5 racing simulators to try and beat his lap time.

The footage of Coulthard driving the SLS AMG will be combined with footage from PlayStation opponents, commentated by Martin Brundle, and will be made available on www.mercedesliverace.co.uk.

The catch? You have to be in the UK, at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey. If you win, you will get an all expenses paid trip to the 2011 Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix in November. With over 6 million copies of the game having been sold worldwide since its November launch, the live event hopes to become the world's biggest ever race.