Crash test system manufacturer MESSRING will be constructing the new Daimler AG vehicle safety technology center. The establishment will be situated next to Daimler AG’s existing development center in Stuttgart-Sindelfingen. MESSRING’s responsibility includes testing systems for passenger cars, trucks, and buses. It will allow testing at various angles and a sled test system to simulate full-vehicle crashes.

Upon its completion in mid-2016, the facility will be one of the most cutting-edge vehicle testing centers in the world. Its dimensions will be able to recreate a broader range of scenarios that can happen to cars. Daimler AG is incorporating a new innovative LED technology to ensure the precision and safety of the tests done inside the facility.

The center will also focus on the requirements of new, alternative drive and vehicle concepts. MESSRING aims to further its study to prepare both current and future challenges. The project will be the one of the largest in the company’s history.  As the leading company in this type of field, MESSRING considers this a milestone – being the 100th complete crash test facility that it planned and built since 1970.