If you live south of Manila and use the Skyway regularly, chances are you’ve been cursing at the new toll collection system that was implemented by the Skyway management yesterday.

If that was the case, well, the Skyway has heeded your complaints as they will now be reverting to the previous style of toll collection at the points of entry such as Bicutan, Sucat, and Alabang.

Class 2 or larger vehicles will have their toll fees collected at the Runway Toll Plaza, as per the new system.

The Skyway management says the return to the original toll collection procedure will commence tonight (January 30) at 10:00 PM.

Below is the statement from the Skyway O&M Corporation in full:


To our motorists, we acknowledge your sentiments regarding the new toll collection system on the elevated Skyway.

While we exerted every effort to lessen the impact of the transition, which we anticipated and communicated early on, we recognize that at this point, full implementation may not be feasible, without severely affecting our motorists.

In light of this, effective 10:00 pm, January 30, we will temporarily revert to the old “pay as you enter” scheme for private vehicles coming from Alabang, Sucat, and Bicutan.

For the time being, only Class 2 vehicles such as buses and delivery vans will be required to utilize the Runway Toll Plaza for cash payments. 

As always, we continue to adjust to our motorists’ needs, and that includes exploring better ways to implement this transition to a new toll collection system in the future. We still believe the new system can benefit a greater number of people over the long term.

Solving traffic congestion is not an easy task but we are fully committed to finding a solution to it with your help.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and patronage.