MG Motor, a British brand now under the ownership of SAIC, has just opened its doors to the Philippine automotive market through Morris Garages Philippines.

The MG dealership in the Philippines is owned by Morgan Say's group; the same company that brought in Morgan Automobiles. The new MG showroom is located on EDSA near Greenhills and offers three new models: the MG 350, MG 5 and MG 3.

The smallest car in the lineup is the MG3 hatchback. It is powered by a 1.3 liter engine with VTi-Tech and puts out 92 PS through its front wheels. The MG3 also comes with an e-Shift transmission from Italian company AMT.

In the middle of the range sits the 350 sedan. The compact sedan contender is loaded with standard kit and a comprehensive list of handling assist technology. The 350 comes with ABS, EBD, Brake assist and even Corner Brake Control. Entertainment is provided by a single CD player and the head unit comes with an auxiliary audio input.

MG 1

Topping the range is the MG5 hatchback. The MG5 has the same 1.5 liter engine from the 350 sedan and also puts out 105 PS. An added feature on the MG5 from the 350 is the on board computer with eco assist. A myriad of safety features come standard including ABS, EBD and Corner Brake Control.

MG has a history that traces back 90 years in England, albeit lately it has been operating as a subsidiary of Chinese automotive conglomerates.Nanjing first acquired the rights to the MG brand in 2005 for $97 million, but Nanjing was subsequently acquired by the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) after they purchased Nanjing Automobile 2007.


MG3 1.3L VTi-Tech e-Shift - Php 695,000

MG 350 1.5L                       - Php 745,000

MG5 1.5L VTi-Tech             - Php 795,000