A top-down MG could spice up the brand’s lineup of crossovers and sedans

Today, the British marque MG is known for its affordable range of sedans and crossovers. In fact, this has been the case ever since the brand was bought by Chinese automaker SAIC back in 2006. However, for enthusiasts, the MG name continues to remain associated with the roadsters it sold back in the day such as the classic MG A, MG B, and the Midget.

MG will soon build roadsters again with Cyberster Concept image

It has been years since the automaker built a convertible, with the last being the MG TF. Soon though, MG might just add a convertible to its lineup. The automaker recently released sketches of a two-seat convertible concept called the Cyberster, and it is set to be revealed later this month.

At the moment, MG has not released technical details about the concept just yet as this is only a preview. However, based on the sketches, it does look like a traditional roadster featuring a long hood and a small cabin. The overall design of the concept looks very modern with sharp angles all over. No retro touches here. LED lights can be found all around the body – from the round headlights to the illuminated body line, and to Union Jack LED taillights.

MG will soon build roadsters again with Cyberster Concept image

There’s no word on what will be powering the Cyberster concept at the moment...assuming it actually enters production sometime in the future. But based on the concept’s name, and the fact that there is lightning coming out of the wheels, strongly suggests that the roadster could be electric.

An electric roadster might not excite enthusiasts as much as a non-electric roadster, especially one coming from MG. But at least the automaker is taking a possible step of returning to its roadster roots. If it enters production, the MG Cyberster concept could go up against the likes of the Mazda MX-5 and even the upcoming Tesla Roadster. Fingers crossed MG decides to keep the concept's looks if it ever goes into production.