Michelin launches the new Primacy 3 ST tires as it aims to set new benchmarks in tire safety, silence and comfort in the Philippines.  The new tire was designed  and  developed  exclusively  for  the  Asia  Pacific  region’s  extreme  roads  and weather conditions. The Primacy 3 ST is designed to fit most passenger cars.

“We are listening to our consumers’ needs and for that we have data specifically collected from consumers over a ten year period in all the countries in this region with extreme weather and road conditions from - extreme heat in Australia summer to humidity during the rainy season in Southeast Asia.” Said Michael Nunag, Michelin Chief Representative to the Philippines.

Tire technologies like Stabiligrip and FlexlMax techology ensure shorter braking distances as much as 2.9-meters when compared to other brands, while tire longevity is extended by 25% compared to its predecessors. Tire noise is virtually eliminated thanks to proprietary technologies like EvenPeak, which features a unique pattern with more sizes of tread blocks, spreading noise across a frequency range which makes it less sensitive to human hearing. CushionGuard  technology combines flexible tread compounds, shock absorbent sidewalls and noise-filtering rubber to cushion vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces.

Michelin Primacy 3 ST dyanmic testing

“To develop this total performance and deploy the right technologies, Michelin conducted  preliminary studies and tests on more than the distance of 1.3 million kilometers. MICHELIN then spent 18 months designing, developing and deploying those research findings to produce the  MICHELIN  Primacy 3 ST in  our  factories  in  Thailand,”  added Nunag.