To cater to the ever expanding SUV tire market, Michelin has recently launched the new LTX Force tires. The new line of tires are made for both SUVs and light trucks and is capable of performing in most terrains, be it on-road or off-road. It goes in line with the LTX Force's tagline of “Whatever The Terrain, One Tire Handles It All.”

“Our target drivers are people whose lifestyle, location or profession demand driving on and off-road, and need the best experience on both type of terrain. So the launch of Michelin LTX Force reinforces our commitment not only to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers with multiple exceptional performances, but also to respond to ever-changing market conditions in order to remain at the forefront of the industry,” said Michael Nunag, Chief Representative, Michelin Philippines.

Michelin launches LTX Force tires for SUVs, light trucks

From asphalt highways to the wet and muddy trails, Michelin says the LTX Force is tough enough to handle any of these. It's on-road capablities are attributed to CompacTread Technology, whereby reinforcement between tread blocks increases the contact area with the ground, allowing for better braking and safety. Meanwhile, BevelTread Technology helps keep road noise down, providing a peaceful ride; and CushionGuard Technology absorbs road imperfections for a more comfortable ride.

Off-road, the LTX Force's toughness is due to technology dervied from their World Rally Championship tires. It has an Extended Sidewall Biting Edge, which improves the sidewall’s cut-chip resistance. To improve off-road traction, it also featrues a Deep and Open Shoulder Design.

With the technology imbued in the LTX Force, Michelin says customers can be ensured of longevity and durability with better mileage and a tougher design.

The new Michelin LTX Force will be available from Michelin Authorized Dealers Nationwide.