Michelin Philippines has launched their latest tire, the Michelin Energy XM2 (EXM2).

The tire launch held at the Manila Polo Club in Makati was attended by various dealers from Luzon and Metro Manila, and emphasized the balance of performance that Michelin tried to achieve between tire longevity, fuel saving and safety.

"The strength of the new Michelin Energy XM2 lies in the fact that it delivers several benefits - mileage, safety and fuel saving - at the same time," said Adam Storey, Chief Representative of Michelin Philippines. "In terms of mileage, the tire lasts 20% longer than EXM1. It also ensures fuel saving and safety attributes in all road conditions. This clearly demonstrates a great balance of performance as the result of Michelin's leading-edge technical skills and long-standing expertise."

Michelin's new tire gets a long list of the brand's latest innovations including Alternate Bridging Technology (claimed to reduce tire wear), Micro Adaptive Compound and Optimum Void Grooves (claimed to improve resistance to hydroplaning), and low resistance silica rubber (claimed to improve fuel efficiency).

The launch of the Michelin EXM2 in Manila will be followed by the unveiling of the tire to dealers in the Visayas and Mindanao regions this month.