If you own a work pick-up or van and need a new set of tires, you might want to take a look at Michelin's latest product. The French tire manufacturer recently launched the Agilis 3, and they say it gains more grip as the kilometers go by.

The Agilis 3 is primarily for LCVs and vans that need a tire to cope with the demands of heavy-duty work. With that, Michelin gave it a new compound to withstand tough conditions without compromising grip, longevity, and fuel economy.

Michelin applied a new polymer for the Agilis 3. Thanks to a higher density of silica and carbon black materials, the new tire can maintain a high level of grip, even in wet conditions. Not only that, it allows the tire to gain more grip with more kilometers added. They also claim that the Agilis 3 tire can stop better in the wet by 11 percent, even when worn.

Michelin PH rolls out Agilis 3 tire for vans and LCVs image

Another benefit of this tire is its lower rolling resistance. It's 12 percent better than its predecessor, which improves fuel economy in the long run. The tire also lasts longer by 25 percent, allowing the vehicle to stay on the road longer. For business owners and fleet managers, that means less downtime and more savings for the company.

There are other innovations in the Agilis 3 too. First are the stone ejectors that prevent damage to the tire and compromise road-holding. The second is the wider U-shaped grooves that aid water clearance for improved wet weather grip. Last but not least are the curbside shields, adding more protection to the sidewalls.

The price? It depends on the size and vehicle application. That said, it ranges from PHP 3,000 to PHP 10,000 per piece. As for availability, contact an official supplier of Michelin tires for more details.