The new BMW M3 will run on Michelin Pilot Sport tires, following BMW M GmbH's decision to shoe the sportiest member of the 3 Series family with Michelin's sportiest tire.

A logical choice, no doubt, but one that also reflects the close cooperation between the two companies based on a shared commitment to high performance. To ensure that its new coupe tightly grips the road, BMW M GmbH has selected a racing tire made for the street the latest-generation Michelin Pilot Sport, which delivers all the experience acquired by Michelin in highly demanding Formula 1 races. Before withdrawing from the sport, Michelin equipped the cars that won both the Driver and the Constructors championships two years in a row - in 2005 and 2006.

The technology deployed on the Michelin Pilot Sport makes it the fastest tire on the market the one that helped to beat the world speed record at more than 400 km/h.

To make sure the Pilot Sport delivers all of the M3's performance and even become an integral part of the car's sporty handling, Michelin and BMW M GmbH engineers worked together in co-developing the tire, pursuing a long tradition that has seen the two companies partner several times in the past. Michelin tires have systematically equipped the BMW M3, from the first generation to the new model being readied for launch this summer, as well as other cars from BMW M GmbH, like the M5 and M6. Clearly, the two companies have consistently shared the same passion when it comes to outstanding performance.

For Michelin, the challenge was to meet BMW M GmbH's specifications while maintaining the standards that make Michelin tires unique, especially in terms of production quality and durability. Proof that this challenge has been successfully met is found in the Michelin Pilot Sport, which performs like the ultimate racing tire while delivering longer mileage and greater safety for drivers and passengers alike.

At present, all new BMW M3s will grip the road on Michelin Pilot Sport tires.